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January 12 2018

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#raise your shields #because you’re about to get wrecked













I’m really glad that KC Green’s work is being more widely recognized after the whole “This is not fine” comic came out.

He’s been in the comic making game for a really long time and he has…a bit of a knack for creating things that are used as reaction images and never credited back to him.

He’s a really cool guy and a great artist and I HIGHLY recommend following his work.

i feel like its important to add that hes also responsible for dickbutt. thats an important part of his resume

Some lesser known KC Green Career Highlights:

honestly I swear he’s like. the best at unintentionally making reaction images

He also did the “I guess!” comic, didn’t he?

We’ve all been fans of KC Green this whole time and never even knew

there’s also THIS classic, which is usually reduced to this: 

for a reaction image 

a majority of these comics come from KC’s Gunshow! It’s over now but it ran for a loooong time and has an amazing archive of his comics. I HIGHLY recommend reading through it all, it’s a goldmine

The anime comic wqs literally written about my life in high school.


Aw I love to see my hardworking pal recognized and celebrated!!!











*me taking my meds*: Carrie Fisher would want me to

listen, if you’re ever having a hard time and you just want to give up, think about space mom and how proud she would be of you just for fighting

Carrie Fisher definitely wants you to stay alive to tell the world to fuck off one more time. If spite keeps you alive, embrace it.

This post just reminded me I had a pill I need to take, so thanks, Carrie.

Our Blessed Rebel Queen by lindsayvanek

“Our Blessed Rebel Queen and Lady of Alderaan, Carrie Fisher. An inspiration to us all, let her glowing radiance shine down upon you.”

Hail Carrie, full of sass.
The Force is with thee.
Blessed art thou among Rebels,
and blessed is the fruit of thy struggle,

Holy Carrie, look down from above,
Watch over us rebels,
and remind us to take our meds.

Oh my god as a Catholic I have to say I love these last additions and that picture is making my reconsider the design for my Carrie Fisher tattoo

i love how carrie fisher veneration always comes back to: take your meds, stay alive, flip the world off

I bought this print from the artist’s Society 6 shop and it is BEAUTIFUL. I can’t wait to frame it and have Carrie Fisher reminding me every day to 1. Take my meds 2. Keep living and 3. Flip the world off. 

January 10 2018

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These Black History Month ads are both adorable and incredibly moving 

For many kids, imagining what it’s like to be one of your heroes is a common inspirational tool. One photo series is allowing them to do just that.

Desmond Tutu, Lena Horne, Stuart Scott and more

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This is how the golden age of piracy ended.

The first mermaid to get tattoos :)

“we didn’t know any better,” the crewman says, and swallows, presenting the chest to the captain. “what do we do now?”

“kill it,” the captain says, but the ice is melting in his eyes.

“we can’t,” the first mate says desperately, praying she won’t have to fight her captain on this. “we can’t. we - i won’t. we won’t.”

“i know.”


“daddy,” she says, floating in a tub of seawater in the hold, “daddy, la-la, la-la-la.”

her voice rings like bells. her accent is strange; her mouth isn’t made for human words. it mesmerises even the hardiest amongst them and she wasn’t even trying. the crew has taken to diving for shellfish near the shorelines for her; she loves them, splitting the shells apart with strength seen in no human toddler, slurping down the slimy molluscs inside and laughing, all plump brown cheeks and needle-sharp teeth. she sometimes splashes them for fun with her smooth, rubbery brown tail. even when they get soaked they laugh. they love her.

“daddy,” she calls again, and he can hear the worry in her voice. the storm rocking the ship is harsh and uncaring, and if they go down, she would be the only survivor.

“don’t worry,” he says, and goes over, sitting next to the tub. the first mate, leaning against the wall, pretends not to notice as he quietly begins to sing.


“father,” she says, one day, as she leans on the edge of the dock and the captain sits next to her, “why am I here?”

“your mother abandoned you,” he says, as he always has. “we found you adrift, and couldn’t bear to leave you there.”

she picks at the salt-soaked boards, uncertain. her hair is pulled back in a fluffy black puff, the white linen holding it slipping almost over one of her dark eyes. one of her first tattoos, a many-limbed kraken, curls over her right shoulder and down her arm, delicate tendrils wrapped around her calloused fingertips. “alright,” she says.


“why am I really here?” she asks the first mate, watching the sun set over the water in streaks of liquid metal that pooled in the troughs of the waves and glittered on the seafoam.

“we didn’t know any better,” the first mate says, staring into the water. “we didn’t know- we didn’t know anything. we didn’t understand why she fought so viciously to guard her treasure. we could not know she protected something a thousand times more precious than the purest gold.”

she wants to be furious, but she can’t. she already knew the answer, from reading the guilt in her father’s eyes and the empty space in her own history. and she can’t hate her family.

“it’s alright,” she says. “i do have a family, anyways. i don’t think i would have liked my other life near as much.”


her kraken grows, spreading its tendrils over her torso and arms. she grows too, too large to come on board the ship without being hauled up in a boat from the water. she sings when the storms come and swims before the ship to guide it to safety. she fights off more than one beast of the seas, and gathers a set of scars across her back that she bears with pride. “i don’t mind,” she says, when the captain fusses over her, “now i match all of you.”

the first time their ship is threatened, really threatened, is by another fleet. a friend turned enemy of the first mate. “we shouldn’t fight him,” she says, peering through the spyglass.

“why not?” the mermaid asks.

“he’ll win,” the first mate says.

the mermaid tips her head sideways. Her eyes, dark as the deep waters, gleam in the noon light. “are you sure?” she asks.


the enemy fleet surrenders after the flagship is sunk in the night, the anchor ripped off the ship and the planks torn off the hull. the surviving crew, wild-eyed and delirious, whimper and say a sea serpent came from the water and attacked them, say it was longer than the boat and crushed it in its coils. the first mate hears this and has to hide her laughter. the captain apologizes to his daughter for doubting her.

“don’t worry,” she says, with a bright laugh, “it was fun.”


the second time, they are pushed by a storm into a royal fleet. they can’t possibly fight them, and they don’t have the time to escape.

“let me up,” the mermaid urges, surfacing starboard and shouting to the crew. “bring me up, quickly, quickly.”

they lower the boat and she piles her sinous form into it, and uses her claws to help the crew pull her up. once on the deck she flops out of the boat and makes her way over to the bow. the crew tries to help but she’s so heavy they can barely lift parts of her.

she crawls up out in front of the rail and wraps her long webbed tail around the prow. the figurehead has served them well so far but they need more right now. she wraps herself around the figurehead and raises her body up into the wind takes a breath of the stinging salt air and sings.

the storm carries her voice on its front to the royal navy. they are enchanted, so stunned by her song that they drop the rigging ropes and let the tillers drift. the pirates sail through the center of the fleet, trailing the storm behind them, and by the time the fleet has managed to regain its senses they are buried in wind and rain and the pirates are gone.


she declines guns. instead she carries a harpoon and its launcher, and uses them to board enemy ships, hauling her massive form out of the water to coil on the deck and dispatch enemies with ruthless efficiency. her family is feared across all the sea.


“you know we are dying,” the captain says, looking down at her.

she floats next to the ship, so massive she could hold it in her arms. her eyes are wise.

“i know,” she says, “i can feel it coming.”

the first mate stands next to the captain. she never had a lover or a child, and neither did he, but to the mermaid they are her parents. she will always love her daughter. the tattoos are graven in dark swirls across the mermaid’s deep brown skin and the flesh of her tail, even spiraling onto the spiked webbing on her spine and face. her hair is still tied back, this time with a sail that could not be patched one last time.

“we love you,” the first mate says simply, looking down. her own tightly coiled black hair falls in to her face; she shakes the locs out of the way and smiles through her tears. the captain pretends he isnt crying either.

“i love you too,” the mermaid says, and reached up to pull the ship down just a bit, just to hold them one last time.

“guard the ship,” the captain says. “you always have but you know they’re lost without you.”

“without you,” the mermaid corrects, with a shrug that makes waves. “what will we do?”

“i don’t know,” the captain says. “but you’ll help them, won’t you?”

“of course i will,” she scoffs, rolling her eyes. “i will always protect my family.”


the captain and the first mate are gone. the ship has a new captain, young and fearless - of the things she can afford to disregard. she fears and loves the ocean, as all captains do. she does not fear the royal fleet. and she does not fear the mermaid.

“you know, i heard stories about you when i was a little girl,” she says, trailing her fingers in the water next to the dock.

the mermaid stares at her with one eye the size of a dinner table. “is that so?” she hums, smirking with teeth sharper than the swords of the entire navy.

“they said you could sink an entire fleet and that you had skin tougher than dragon scales,” the new captain says, grinning right back at the monster who could eat her without a moment’s hesitation. “i always thought they were telling tall tales.”

“and now?”

“they were right,” the new captain says. “how did they ever befriend you?”

the mermaid smiles, fully this time, her dark eyes gleaming under the white linen sail. “they didn’t know any better.”

She protects her family.


new meme idea






photoshopping the nintendo logo onto things that nintendo clearly did not make. for example:


what is the point of this meme

I wholeheartedly support this, because one thing I adore about the company is that they have been making games since 1889.  That’s… not a typo.  They were a playing-card company for like 60 years before they changed tactics, and there’s a bridge tournament in Japan called the Nintendo Cup. 

This means that Nintendo is older than

More excitingly, there were decks of NIntendo cards out there before the following bits of literature:

  • Dracula
  • parts of the Sherlock Holmes canon
  • The Picture of Dorian Grey
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Time Machine 
  • The King in Yellow
  • The Island of Doctor Moreau
Which means you can have a character in your fanfic of those novels playing a ‘Nintendo game’ or at least a ‘game by Nintendo’ and have it be historically accurate.  (I mean, depending on how you timeline this stuff, assuming these books take place in their year of publication or like, close enough.)

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“When I started my musical career, I was a maid,” she told the audience. “I used to clean houses. My parents, my mother was a proud janitor. My stepfather, who raised me like his very own, worked at the post office and my father was a trash man — they all wore uniforms. And that’s why I stand here today in my black and white and I wear my uniform to honor them.”

Yall better not be pretending that Janelle Monae doesn’t fucking exist




one thing that’s always bothered me about most people’s depiction of Holmes’s usage of cocaine is that most people in Victorian England were only just beginning to realize how badly it affected people???

like tbh I feel like a better modern equivalent would just be Holmes dumping a five hour energy into his fifth cup of coffee while Watson, a trained medical professional, stares at him in horror

I’ve always thought this

This post is my new favorite








it’s interesting learning which homophobic ideas are confusing and unfamiliar to the next generation. for example, every once in a while i’ll see a post going around expressing tittering surprise at someone’s claim that gay men have hundreds of sexual partners in their lifetimes. while these posts often have a snappy comeback attached, they send a shiver down my spine because i remember when those claims were common, when you’d see them on the news or read them in your study bible. and they were deployed with a specific purpose — to convince you not just that gay men were disgusting and pathological, but that they deserved to die from AIDS. i saw another post laughing at the outlandish idea that gay men eroticize and worship death, but that too was a standard line, part and parcel of this propaganda with the goal of dehumanizing gay men as they died by the thousands with little intervention from mainstream society.

which is not to say that not knowing this is your fault, or that i don’t understand. i’ll never forget sitting in a classroom with my high school gsa, all five of us, watching a documentary on depictions of gay and bi people in media (off the straight and narrow [pdf transcript] — a worthwhile watch if your school library has it) when the narrator mentioned “the stereotype of the gay psycho killer.” we burst into giggles — how ridiculous! — then turned to our gay faculty advisors and saw their pale, pained faces as they told us “no, really. that was real” and we realized that what we’d been laughing at was the stuff of their lives.

it’s moving and inspiring to see a new generation of kids growing up without encountering these ideas. it’s a good thing. but at the same time, we have to pass on the knowledge of this pain, so we’re not caught unawares when those who hate us come back with the oldest tricks in the book.

Even in the 90’s I met people who believed, with the utmost sincerity and a sense of sheer terror, that gay people were agents of Satan who chose to become gay so they could deliberately spread STD’s, deliberately die of AIDs as part of their “fetish” and deliberately offend god into accelerating the end of the world. This does sound like absurd cartoonish nonsense to most people just a little younger than me but I heard it and worse growing up. Millions of people completely, totally believed that kind of thing with the most dire certainty. Today’s lizardman hollow earth anti-vaccine theories actually kind of pale in comparison.

That is what LGBT people were up against not long ago and the remnants of that fantastical-sounding hysteria and fanaticism are not only still here but regaining power again in the U.S. pretty rapidly.

…and I don’t think people should forget that for all I just described and all OP just described, the hatred for trans people was several times worse. Their very existence was treated as UNSPEAKABLE by even the Satanic HIV Apocalypse theorists. This is why it’s so bizarre and ridiculous to see people today whining about “PC culture” like that’s the problem, like people who were condemned as loathsome hellspawn within most of their own lifetimes somehow have it “too good” practically overnight.

do you have any idea what the AIDS funerals were like back then

I will harp on this until the day I die. It’s not information that people have nowadays both because it’s not really needed - thank GOD - and it’s been erased - not so cool.

pastors would take payment to perform the ceremony and then not show up. crematoriums would sometimes refuse to handle the bodies; funeral homes were no better, and my dad once walked in on a mortician dumping rubbing alcohol all over himself after he’d BEEN IN THE SAME ROOM as the body of one of my father’s dead friends. the funerals were held in people’s basements, the very very few churches at funeral homes willing, meeting halls, and in the homes of lesbians, who were some of the most steadfast allies during that time period. The few straight allies pitched in where they could – like that one woman who buried a lot of them herself, in her own cemetery, because their families wouldn’t come claim the bodies – but it was awful.

my dad was a reformed catholic but he knew the words and twice he had to perform the funerals to lay these people to rest because he was the most qualified. I stood next to him as he tried not to cry over his dead friends and to let them rest in peace. I watched my mother, at the back of wherever she was, quietly sobbing, and her lesbian friends who had ACTUALLY watched the person in question die, still comforting her. 

I got told by other adults that my entire family was going to hell because we deigned to care for queer people (and my dad especially, as a nurse, deigned to “waste” his knowledge and time and energy on easing suffering).

I was six years old. Freddie Mercury hadn’t even died yet.

recently a friend and I formed a queer social group/activism group and some older gay men came. And they cried, because, and I quote

“This is how it started, back then. we just got together, ten or twelve of us, and decided we were going to do something about it. And we made it out, despite everything, despite AIDS, despite the stigma. And you will too.”

And I had to respond, because I was little, but I was THERE for that, and I grabbed his hands and told him that his history is our history and we need to learn it.

we need to remember. the dead, the living, and their stories.

if you know an older queer person, inquire if they’d be interested in writing down their memoirs. If they’re not writers but want to tell the story, hit me up – I am, and I am absolutely willing to do a living memory.

they’re the only history books we have.

THEY ARE THE ONLY HISTORY BOOKS WE HAVE! It’s so important to record them at last.

Because lgbt+ history hasn’t been recorded, nor told forward by others. What we learn we learn from morgues, criminal records etc. Only ‘unlucky’ persons have been recorded in any ways and most of happy couples, lives and tales have been lost to history as they were not spoken about. 

okay listen, i get what you guys are saying about the importance of listening to older lgbt people, obviously, that’s very right!

but you guys gotta know… they are NOT “the only history books we have.” because… we have actual history books. just because they are rarely taught in schools does not mean they don’t exist!

i’ve been keeping a list of all the lgbt books i want to read or reread, which are mostly history, and it is, at this moment, 239 books long. and that’s excluding quite a few that i was less interested in.

obviously, it can’t cover everything; obviously, it is skewed toward white american experiences; obviously, we should always be supplementing it by talking to older people in our community as much as we can. but it does us no favors whatsoever to pretend that all the knowledge in these books is lost to history, existing only in individuals’ minds, when actually so many people have taken great pains to write it down and make it available for us to explore!

so yes, meet older people and talk to them and take them seriously! but also please, i beg of you, read a book.

p.s. a note because i regret not making this clear enough in my original post: there is absolutely nothing wrong with gay men having many consenting sexual partners! homophobes’ statistics are obviously falsified for bigoted purposes, but that doesn’t mean those gay men who do have large numbers of partners are any less deserving of dignity and life, and they too deserve our defense.

I agree with all the above, but also if you are someone who wants to record history or hear more oral histories there are a few oral history archives dedicated to doing this already! It’s possible to engage in that history right now:

  • Here are all the transcripts for the NYC Trans Oral History Project
  • Here’s the ACT UP oral History Project which has videos and transcripts
  • Here’s a list of a bunch of known oral history projects
  • And this is the podcast Making Gay History, which is taped interviews done for the book of the same name (with a bit of context added beforehand)
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this gets funnier with each passing year

It’s the way he looks at the calendar like “…


not even going to ask”

“…Uh-huuuuuh. Aaaaaanyway, moving on.”

so many questions


Simple edible detergent pods recipe




I made a more advanced recipe here for all y’all that want something that looks more like a tide pod here, but that recipe is… intricate. So for all y’all who want just a simple detergent pod like these juicy looking packets, I’m here for you! 


Two components: edible plastic and juicy inside

First, the Plastic:


  • 2 packets (14g) Knox unflavored gelatin
  • 6 tbsp water
  • Parchment paper
  • rectangular brownie pan
  • optional: ½ tbsp 7up or sprite


Boil the water, add gelatin mix (optional: add soda for flavor). Stir in until mix is completely melted. Let cool slightly. Cover brownie pan with parchment paper, and pour a very thin layer of gelatin mixture onto parchment. Place brownie pan into fridge and let sit overnight until hardened.

The next day, the juicy inside:

Obtain your favorite flavor of jello. Follow the instructions on the jello mix to make the jello, but don’t put it in the fridge. Let cool until room temperature.

Put it Together:

Remove edible plastic from the fridge and gently remove plastic from parchment. Cut into 5x2″ rectangles. Fold rectangle in half to create 2x2.5″ rectangles. Seal together long ends and use indirect heat to melt sides together. Leave the short end open. Pour room temperature jello into pouch and seal final end with indirect heat. Let cool in fridge a few hours, and then enjoy.


This is really what we’re doin in 2018 aight

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Seizure First Aid. 

Learn it. Share it. Know it. Use it. 

100% correct medical information on tumblr for once; also consider calling 911 if you don’t know how often the person has seizures and ESPECIALLY if the seizure has lasted 5 minutes or more (which is why the watch is critical)

I have epilepsy so making sure the word is out on how to help people who do have seizures means a lot to me.



tips for polyamory starters

  • try to spec your wifes into different roles. a good idea is at least one tank wife, one healer wife, and two to three dps wives.
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tfw you finally choose a new name

If you want to support me as an artist, the easiest way is to stand in front of me and shout “Hannah” about 50 times.




me before getting in the shower: nooooo don’t let the water touch me, i am a desert creature, dirty and free

me in the shower: lungs were a mistake. the sea is and always has been my home

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Philip Jackson. 1944.

Winner of National Peace Sculpture Competition,
Manchester City Council, 1987.
Elected Fellow Royal Society of British Sculptors.

How they gonna call these peace sculpture when looking at them means I’m never sleeping again????

Eyes Wide Shut headass. I love this.

I swear like half the sculptors out there are on a mission to give everyone nightmares.

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Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs [x]

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