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October 14 2017

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then again

the more things change….

The people making these memes obviously have never seen some of the weird ass shit in old-timey photos. A quick Google and:

Humans are basically a giant jumble of weirdos that try to belittle other weirdos…

That’s the most accurate and poignant description of human nature I’ve ever read

humanity has been shitposting since the very birth of photography, probably even earlier

“probably even earlier”

True shitposts, made by artisans, filled with blood, sweat, tears, and the dankest memes of early man.

Snemons, or snail demons.

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I want you to know there is life after Twitter. We are in a time where our mental and emotional energies need to be rationed, and Twitter is not where it needs to be spent. This is your permission to let Twitter go. This is me handing you a sock.

Life After Twitter – Ginny McQueen – Medium

October 13 2017

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People who put milk in before taking the teabag out

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When I was a very small child, my mom used to bury coins in my sandbox, leave huge boot prints in the sand, and tell me pirates had come in the night and buried treasure. I would be out there happily for hours, with my little sieve, and my mom got a quiet morning to herself for the price of a handful of pennies.

I was always kind of skeptical about Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, because visiting every kid in the world did not seem reasonable. But the pirates only visited me, so they were probably real.

So that’s the story of how I ended up being an archaeologist. How about you?

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Grocery Shopping With Me is an Experience





















Me; The fact that whole wheat flour is more expensive than bleached white flour is elitist bullshit.

Some poor person in the baking aisle of Hy Vee “What?”

My husband; oh no


Okay kids buckle in you asked for it.

White bread, for a very long time, was something that only the wealthy could enjoy regularly since white flour takes considerably more time and effort to produce than whole grain flour. You have to grind it extra fine, sift it, ect. Therefore, it has historically been more expensive, and still should be because it takes more steps to produce.

HOWEVER, since it was something that was harder to produce, serving white bread was a ‘special occasions’ sort of thing, which led to ‘rich people showing off how rich they were by serving it regularly’. Poorer people, meanwhile, got their regular whole wheat flour, which incidentally is better for you but we didn’t know that at the time.

(Also, whole wheat tastes better, white bread is just bland. Whole wheat bread tastes sort of nutty and delicious.)

So for the vast majority of time this was how things were. Until modern industrialization made producing white flour on a large scale easier, and all of a sudden you had white bread that ordinary folk could afford!!! So of course it is hugely popular immediately amongst the middle and lower classes. Enter the age of Wonder Bread, where you can buy your bread pre-made and sliced!!! White bread with no labor from you, cheap enough for ordinary folk to afford!

So of course, when everyone can have white bread, the upper classes now have to find a way to be Better again. This dovetailed nicely with the discovery that, hang on, whole grains are better for us than bleached white flour, and the rising craze among the upper classes for fitness (Because being soft and plump is no longer something that only the rich can achieve, so of course now being slim and toned is more desirable)

Enter the rise of the popularity of whole wheat sprouted grain artisanal bread for $10 a fuckin loaf, and the fact that if you want to buy 5 pounds of whole wheat flour, that logically should be cheaper as it still takes less effort to produce, you’re going to have to pay about a dollar or two more than if you buy the same amount of bleached white flour.

And don’t give me shit about supply and demand, because whole wheat and white flour are made from the same exact thing, but one just has more steps involved in production. You’d think companies would be thrilled about this, but nah, they know that upper class people feel More Important Than The Peasants when they pay extra for their whole wheat flour so here I am, a humble middle class drone who wants to make her own whole wheat bread because it is tastier and better for you, paying $5.17 a bag for whole wheat flour when white flour is $3.48

It’s classist bullshit.

In Victorian era (do I love some silly Victorians, ha), the fashion for white bread and its more or less general availability came with an interesting side effect: with their… love for substitutes, bakers pretty much had no choice but to replace flour with substances with no nutritional value if not harmful. It was easier on the health of the richer, as their diet had more variety, but very harmful for the people for whom bread was the main source of calories.

Yep. The number of bakers cutting their white flour with plaster dust, chalk, alum, or similar was absolutely stunning.

It led, eventually, to the establishment of trading standards legislation and the appointment of inspectors who could sample and test food products like flour and level heavy punishment on people selling products not up to standard.

The British Sale of Food and Drugs act was the ancestor of the United States’ modern FDA.

Haven’t bread sigils been a thing since Roman times or something, to prevent bread from being cut with bad shit, or from bad flour being used?

Yep the romans had laws about it, but that whole legal system kinda crumbled with the empire.

You and I can never go grocery shopping. It’d turn into an episode of Good Eats meets Adam Ruins Everything but with us.

This just makes me want to go to a Whole Foods store with you TBH

I want to watch and munch popcorn.

Episode 2 is me finding the spice aisle and going on a three hour rant about the total discrepancy between the prices paid to the producers of spices and the prices paid by the end consumer, because it isn’t 1640 anymore we can ship a lobster from Maine to Tokyo in half a day there is no reason my spice merchants should be paying the Badanese women who own the trees and actually produce the spice a few dollars a pound and then turning around and charging me an arm and a pint of blood for a handful of whole nutmegs.

The second half of the episode is me showing you how to make a recipes from the 1640s in a microwave, but only after an educational segue from the part of the world the spice comes from and how the locals use it.

Pearls are clutched as it is revealed that authentic Italian blends should not contain garlic, as garlic use in China predates it’s existence as a wild herb in Italy by some 6000 years. Your meatballs are a lie but that’s okay, here’s how to make them anyway.

Yo @systlin and @thebibliosphere do either of you happen to know why all of a sudden so many people are gluten intolerant? Like, what happened?? What’s going on??? Why is this happening to us??

(Speaking as a person who has gluten intolerance, I love bread so much that it hurts, and I gave it up (along with everything else that has gluten in it, which is a whole lot of stuff tbh) for six whole months, but then I just completely snapped and went back to eating whatever I want.)

It’s not so much that more people are ‘suddenly’ gluten intolerant as ‘we’ve figured out what causes the thing and are diagnosing it accurately now rather than shrugging and saying ‘guess demons cursed you to suffer when eating’’

And a lot of people currently avoiding gluten out of some idea that it’s bad for them even thought they do not have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, because gluten free is the current ‘low fat’ diet fad.

Though I suppose it DOES make gluten free foods more available for people who DO legitimately need to avoid it, but seriously, people, unless you actually have celiac or gluten intolerance you can eat some bread.

Due to the prevalence of celiac in my family we’ve had a lot of discussions about how many more people are getting diagnosed with it in these last few years. I think at least some of it has to do with how many more people with the genetic predisposition for it are growing up and having kids of their own- my mum was ill throughout most of her childhood before anyone figured out why and, especially before mainstream vaccinations for kids, a disease like measles would easily wipe out the kids already suffering from a compromised immune system.

Studies into how our gut fauna aids digestion of gluten and how those particular types of bacteria are potentially passed on through generations convinced my brother that the current rise is due to the changes made to diet in the last century along with greater survival rates of people with the condition and more awareness for people with less severe types of gluten intolerance to be diagnosed.

Still, I’m by no means an expert on any of this and for all I know the ideas have already been debunked and I just haven’t been looking in the right places. Please correct me if this is the case.  

The fad dieters don’t annoy anyone in my family too much since while at times we haven’t been taken as seriously, at least it’s far easier to find decent food in regular shops that we can afford and actually eat. yeah, it’s a horrible idea for most people to cut such a large and important part out of their diet but we certainly aren’t complaining about the rich people who’ll probably move onto the next new thing in a couple of months when they realize it isn’t helping them.

Very probable. In a world where the main form of caloric intake was bread and there was no vaccination to protect people with weaker immune systems, people with celiac disease likely died far younger. Now, of course, we can realize what’s wrong and say ‘yeah no, just avoid gluten, get vaccinated and have regular checkups, and you can live a long and happy life.’

But yeah. If nothing else, the gluten free fad has put gluten free food in a much more obtainable position, so that people who actually need it can get it.

I can bore people about the colorful history of celiac disease forever! but the BEST takeaway Fact is this:

In the 1940s, the connection between celiac disease and gluten was discovered by the Dutch physician Willem Dicke, who oversaw a hospital ward of children with celiac disease. The mortality rate of these children was over 35%, until -

Oh! Sorry! Was that shocking or something? Yes. Over thirty five percent of children would die. The children were taken from their parents and put in the hospital because they could not grow. They were malnourished, their brains couldn’t develop, they were weak and disabled and cognitively impaired - and over a third of them were expected to die. Heartbreakingly and in pain. That’s celiac disease, you know, that’s just what it does…

Is that surprising? You know what’s funny - in the Victorian era bananas were marketed as the first superfood, because babies fed on banana seemed to be protected from death by celiac disease. Desperate Victorian parents in Europe would scour the cities for the priceless and rare banana, in the hopes of protecting - or saving - their children from this ghostly and horrific disease. This scourge, this wasting illness that took your bright-eyed chubby cheerful nursling and turned them dull-eyed and listless, screaming when touched, their hair falling out, failing to thrive and all your dreams failing with them. So that’s partly why bananas had such a marketing boom! To this day, people are obsessed with giving bananas and banana-flavoured things to babies, a hangover from a time when people thought they could prevent a deadly and incurable disease! Fun fact. Fun fact.

Anyway, more than a third of little kids with celiac disease were expected to die and the disease was incurable - a life sentence. Back to Dr Dicke, a Dutchman in the 1940s in the Netherlands; you can see where this is going.

Dr Dicke stayed with his ward when the Nazis invaded and began the Hongerwinter, the Hunger Winter, the Dutch famine of 1944. This was very hard for the medical staff, who fed the sick children on the water that they had boiled tulip bulbs in, and so on. But Dr Dicke noticed that his celiac ward, while starving to death and being lightly poisoned by tulips, were also cheering up a bit. The other kids were dying as normal, but the celiac mortality rate went from 35% to zero. “Weird,” said Dr Dicke, who was an admirable scientist despite the stress of looking after dying babies in a starving Nazi-occupied city.

Then the Nazis agreed to let the Canadians air-drop in some food. Naturally, bread was an obvious choice. The Canadians dropped bread on Amsterdam. People grabbed the bread, and some of it made its way to the Hospital for Sick Children, because people are kind. And Dr Dicke took some of the precious life-saving morsels and went straight to his sickest kids, his celiac kids. He was being kind.

aaaaaand they went right back to dying.

“Fuck me!” Said Dr Dicke, “I have solved the medical mystery of a disease that has plagued Western civilisation since the ancient Greeks.”

And just like that, it really was just like that, celiac disease stopped being a death sentence for little weanling babies.

Fun fact!

I mean, I know it’s obvious that modern culture has mindlessly forgotten the events of WW2, but fun fact: we don’t shove bread-and-milk down the necks of three month old babies anymore AND WE KNOW BETTER NOW, and all those babies who would have died from it got to grow up, and got to pass that critical stage of growth where you die from malnourishment.

they got to grow up into a generation that laughs at the accessibility and availability of gluten free food.

Fun fact!

i mean, going back to @thebibliosphere‘s point, “traditional” European foods are heavily influenced by foods introduced in the 15th and 16th centuries, largely because by that point people were starting to bounce back from the Plague and were finding out that European farming was shitty and they couldn’t produce enough food to feed everyone. When maize and potatoes made it to the Old World people lauded them as the saviors of Europe because they had so much caloric value and were so easily grown. Shits like tomatoes didn’t reach the height of their prominence until the 19th century, partly because people thought they were poisonous. 

(btw: if ya wanna learn more about culinary history, I strongly recommend Consider the Fork. Really good book!!)

Well, I know what book I’m asking for for Christmas! Thanks for all that, I wad unaware of a few of those things :)

@thebibliosphere @systlin y’know, I am subscribed to a couple of podcasts purely because they are mostly People I Find Amusing Ranting About Whatever Is On Their Mind Right Now. May I suggest podcasting as an alternate delivery method for your Good Eats Meets Adam Ruins Everything show?

and if it included @elodieunderglass (who I am apparently unable to tag damn it) I would possibly burst from joy at the overload of awesomeness

oh man I’m sorry! but I made a bargain with a witch so I’m contractually obliged to only speak through a kazoo if I go on a podcast. just deadpan, completely playing it straight, blowing raspberries through a plastic diaphragm. we thought it would be for the best.

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I. Love this. 

Love it.

Oh my god


This is it, I found it, the funniest post on this entire godsforsaken website






my favorite thing i’ve learned in college is that way back in ancient china there was this poet/philosopher guy who wrote this whole pretentious poem about how enlightened he was that was like “the eight winds cannot move me” blahblahblah and he was really proud of it so he sent it to his friend who lived across the lake and then his friend sends it back and just writes “FART” (or the ancient Chinese equivalent) on it and he was SO MAD he travels across the lake to chew his friend out and when he gets there his friend says “wow. the eight winds cannot move you, but one fart sends you across the lake”

i googled this bc i desperately wanted this to be real, and guess what…it is.

the dude’s name was su dongpo (also known as su shi). his original poem went like this:





(Humbly bowed my head below all skies
Minutest lights shine through my deepest bounds
Immovable by strong winds from eight sides
Upon purplish gold lotus I seated straightly by the low mound) (x)

on which his friend wrote “放屁” (fart, literally), and you know the rest.

(here’s a chinese source for the skeptics)

this is even funnier because just writing “fart” out of the blue sounds really stupid and random in english, but in chinese, fart (fang pi) is used as a common reply to, well, people talking out of their ass. kind of like how we’d use “bullshit” in context.


1385 c169





(via xkcd: Marie Curie)

I’ve been reading about Lise Meitner tonight. She was the first woman to work with Max Planck, ran her own lab at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, and was the first person to realize the enormity of Otto Hahn’s work with uranium, and how he’d split an atom.

She’s been dubbed the “mother of the atomic bomb”, because she explained what happened in the first fission experiments before anyone else in scientific publications, but she had no role in the Manhattan Project, or the development of any wartime use of fissionable elements.

The extremely radioactive element 109, meitnerium, is named after Prof. Meitner.

Learning new shit feels awesome, y’all. Especially when it’s about cool shit like awesome humans and interesting fields that I hardly understand.

Let’s include some women of color!

Meet Chien-Shiung Wu (Also Known As: “The First Lady of Physics” / “Queen of Nuclear Research”) [1912 - 1997]

Wu’s parents provided a home environment for her that gave her ample amounts of love an support. Her father believed in making sure girls had equal opportunities, especially in education. So he opened up an elementary school for girls and encouraged his own daughter to pursue her interests. And she did! She was first in all her classes in STEM, and then went to the United States to study abroad and earn her PhD. But after finding out the poor treatment of female students at UofM, Wu changed her mind and decided to study at University of California, Berkeley. 

Despite trying hard to avoid prejudice, she still faced sexism and racism throughout her education and career. There were times when her scholarships would be cut down. Regardless, she earned her PhD and accepted a job at Princeton, then later Columbia as a professor.

She made huge contributions to the nuclear physics field. And she was a significant part of the Manhattan Project. The Project had unexpected problems and delays that many of the engineers and scientists could not figure out. Wu was contacted and she provided her unpublished typewritten drafts of research to the team and they isolated and amended the problems.

She also disproved a long established law in science called The Law of Conservation of Parity. The law stated that two physical systems—like atoms—that were mirror images would have to behave in identical ways. Even though this law had been accepted for decades, Wu disproved it with her two male colleagues who originally approached her, needing her help. This was a huge milestone in STEM, but her two male colleagues were awarded the Nobel Prize for “The Wu Experiment.”  Wu received an honorable mention decades later. And then subsequently died from a stroke years after that.

Meet Dr. Shirley Jackson [1946]

Born in Washington, D.C., her parents were strongly supportive of her education. They always took time to help her with her schoolwork. Her interest in science specifically was ignited when she and her father worked together on her science projects.

In the middle of the Civil Rights Movement, she was one of few African American students studying theoretical physics and became the first black woman who earned a PhD from MIT.

A few years after that she started researching subatomic particles in several prestigious laboratories in the United States and Europe.

She collaborated in hundreds of scientific articles, and her major breakthroughs in her research that helped other scientists and inventors create faxing, solar cells, fiber optic cables, caller ID, and caller waiting.

When Bill Clinton was president, he appointed Jackson to serve as Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). She became the first woman and first black person ever to hold that position.

She’s now an active voice in many science committees like the National Academy of Sciences and National Science Foundation. She’s also one of the board of directors for:  the New York Stock Exchange, FedEx, Marathon Oil, etc.

“The absence of women in history is man-made“.

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are you a finger guns bisexual or an awkward thumbs up bisexual

everyone keeps saying “both” and I suddenly feel regretful I asked a bunch of bisexuals to make a choice










People adding Nazi apologist shit onto my posts like “but nazis invented cell phones and space rockets so without them we’d be less technologically advanced VuV” like buddy, if you think for one second we wouldn’t have eventually made it to the moon or made instant communication devices without mass genocide then I dunno what to tell you except to get the fuck away from me.

Your kind aren’t welcome here.

Also would I “trade” my cell phone for a world with no Nazis?

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?!?!

I’d trade my own life for a world without nazis. Fuck my phone. Fuck going to the moon. Human life should not be the cost of societal and technological progress.

What the fuck is wrong with you.

??? We’d have probably had cellphones sooner given the amount of inventors, theorists and artists the nazis killed. We’d have been to the moon sooner if we didn’t have segregation. God only knows where we’d be if women were given the opportunity to invent sooner. Disabled people come up with cool stuff too. It’s a whole new world of creation if you value human life equally!

*the sound of a thousand nuclear physicists laughing*

Buckle up kids, today we’re talking about why the Nazis never invented the atom bomb. We’re gonna do this

to white supremacist minds.

Ok. So the Nazis were all about physics … as long as it was with things you could see & touch. Rockets, improved motors, even radio tech (which gives tangible audio and/or visual results) were awesome and very good careers for good German boys.

Theoretical physics, on the other hand, was viewed as made-up Jewish bullshit. The German scientific old guard did NOT like little punks like Einstein. Who did they think they were, running around with their “time is relative” and “the interstellar ether doesn’t exist” and who the shit even cares what’s INSIDE an atom, Albert, it’s not like the INSIDE does anything. JESUS.

The Nazis saw modern physics as being the same thing as Freud’s psychology, Klimt’s modern art, and Kafka’s stories: a decadent waste of time, way too Jewish, and definitely not cool or manly. So to combat uncool Jewish science, pro-Nazi German scientists founded an actual movement– “Deutsche Physik/Aryan Physics”– all about real stuff like engines and bombs and it was gonna serve the SHIT out of the fatherland. No Jews allowed.

“Ugh, GROSS.” -Nazis

Jewish nerds who wanted to study physics & engineering had to settle for theoretical physics. And boy did they ever. Niels Bohr, Hermann Minkowski, Wolfgang Pauli, Paul Epstein, James Franck, Rudolf Kompfner, Otto Stern, Leo Szilard, Edward Teller, Victor Weisskopf , Eugene Wigner, Frank and J. Robert Oppenheimer, and some dude named Albert Einstein among others were all turning their lemons into sweet, sticky theoretical physics lemonade in 1920s Germany.

Every single one of them, and more, emigrated to the US in the 1930s. Jewish colleagues from Axis Italy, like Emilio Segrè and Enrico Fermi– aka the guy who built the world’s first nuclear reactor, and married to a Jewish woman– joined the brain drain as Europe hemorrhaged nuclear physicists right into America’s warm, heaving, bloodthirsty bosom. 

*artist’s rendition 

Albert Einstein’s application to become a US citizen. Dated Jan 18th, 1936.

The few Gentile nuclear physicists Germany had managed to produce– Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, and Arnold Sommerfeld– were persecuted just for being into Jewish stuff. Like, “were called out in the official SS newspaper for being ‘White Jews’” and “Heisenberg’s mom called Himmler’s mom and told her to tell Himmler to make the Nazis stop being mean to her boy”-level persecuted. That’s right, these badass Reich science dudes couldn’t even do their job without their moms running interference. THAT’s how fucking great the Nazis were at science.

Meanwhile the bright lights over in Deutsche Physik were talking about how there’s actually been a bunch of moons and when of the last ones fell down it buried Atlantis and also the sun’s gravity suddenly stops at 3x the orbital radius of Neptune. Like… thank God for those Nazi scientific advances, amirite?

Nationalist German scientists cheerfully joined the persecution of their Jewish colleagues, because Nazi scientists just really wanted Jewish physicists’ jobs. But the bummer was, the Nazi scientists couldn’t handle the mathematics that made relativity work. They were too dumb to do that science. Look– we’ve all been there. But the nationalist German scientists’ approach was– instead of leveling up their game, just discredit everything their rivals did. Declare it dumb, and made-up, and all the good parts of this stuff we just said was dumb and made-up were already invented by Aryans anyway, so why keep Jewish scientists around? Just forget about this atomic physics crap and keep giving us money to talk shit about Neptune, it’ll be great.

“Hahaha wut?” -Nazis

Eventually the Third Reich figured out that atom bombs were a thing and they should probably make one. They put Heisenberg– who, if you’ll recall, just had to have his mom call in an anti-bullying PSA to the Fuhrer’s secretary three short paragraphs ago– in charge. With every single other person who knew about nuclear fission having left Germany years ago, Heisenberg was pretty much on his own. The Nazi bomb project went nowhere.

A Nazi Germany with nuclear weapons would been able to do whatever the fuck they wanted.

The only thing that stood in their way? Their own. goddamn. antisemitism.

Director of Los Alamos weapons lab and Jewish American, J. Robert Oppenheimer, seen in profile as he oversees final assembly of the Trinity test bomb. Trinity was the first test detonation in the US nuclear weapons program. (x)

Is this a post in support of atom bombs? No.

This is a post about how being so high on your own inferiority complex that you’re down to murder people smarter than you, will fuck you in assholes you didn’t even know you had. 

Thank you, Science Tumblr, for that deconstruction of Nazi bullshit.

This is excellent as is, but, I need to point out that the USA political situation is in many ways falling into this same hole now. We are becoming xenophobic and anti science at our top political level. The GOP is practically anti reality at this point. We need to fix this.

Holy shit, this is the best addition to any of my posts. 

Everytime I think about Oppenheimer I am filled with a sadness too deep for words. I hope I never know how “I am become death” feels. 

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Me and my mutual followers that never seem to actually talk but we like and reblog each other’s posts:


This is weirdly specific, but yes, that’s it

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Friendly October reminder not to put Spock or other Jewish characters in costumes with horns

to clarify: it is an antisemitic idea that Jews have horns (dating to a mistranslation of karan (shone) v keren (horns) ) which was perpetuated in art by the likes of Michelangelo. this is not a thing of the past–some gentiles still believe that jewish people have horns, and putting jewish characters in costumes/aus with horns is insensitive at best and also really fuckin gross

also do not depict Jewish characters as demons there is a very long history of Jews being seen as demons and that being used to kill us 

please do not dress Jewish characters in costumes that are priest outfit or nun outfit or with crosses 

Just to give y'all an idea of how modern the horn issue is: My dad, when he went to college in the early 1980’s, was asked by someone who had never met a Jew before where his horns were. In the 1980’s. My dad was asked where his horns were. This was only 30 years ago. I have been lucky not to deal with that particular stereotype in my lifetime, but that was less than a decade before I was born. And I know other Jews in areas where Jews are scarce have dealt with this much more recently than the 80’s.

Yup. When my mom went to college, her freshman year roommate woke up the first Sunday and started getting dressed for church. My mom was still in bed, so the roommate came over and woke her up.

Roommate: Did you want to come to church with me, or do you have your own church you’re going to?

Mom: Well, I don’t really go to religious services, but if I did I would go to a synagogue, not a church, because I’m Jewish.

(Long silence. My mom opens one eye to see her roommate staring in shock.)

Roommate: You … you don’t look Jewish.

Mom: (Who looks VERY Jewish) What do you mean?

Roommate: Well, my pastor always told me that Jews have horns and a tail.

Long story short: they didn’t end up getting along very well.

@optometrictzedek and @theforestsoulbird, it’s more recent than that.

I’ve been asked about my horns as recently as 1997.  In a public school in New Jersey.

It would b cool of my non-Jewish followers to reblog this!!! Spread this bc it’s scary and real and you should know!

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Whether you’re writing for a video game or a tabletop game, the secret to effective lore is cow tools.

Back in 1982, Gary Larson drew the following panel for the newspaper comic The Far Side:


According to Larson, it was simply meant to be a faintly surreal joke about how cows would be bad at making tools; it intends no deeper commentary. However, in the decades since, it’s become by far the comic’s most asked-about panel. People want to know why cows are making tools, what aspect of society it’s commenting on, and most critically, they want to know what the tools are for. The one on the right kind of resembles a carpenter’s saw, which leads folks to believe that the other three must have some obvious function too, if only they could puzzle it out.

But they don’t. They’re just random shapes, and the comic as a whole was never intended to actually mean anything.

I’ve become convinced that that’s the real secret to effective worldbuilding in gaming media. Certainly, the “core” of the setting should make sense, but all the peripheral stuff surrounding it? Just throw in a bunch of incomprehensible bullshit seasoned with the occasional bit that almost makes sense, and people will seize on those bits and ratonalise all the rest of it for you - and what they come up with is generally going to be way more interesting than whatever your original plan was, if indeed you had one at all.

Then, once they’ve figured it all out, just nod sagely, congratulate their cleverness, and keep your damn mouth shut.

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