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October 10 2017

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I feel like an important message is trying to be communicated to me but I have no idea what it is

Our forests are being cut down 3x faster than they can grow! One acre of hemp produces as much cellulose fiber pulp as 4.1 acres of trees!!! This is super useful for so many things, especially paper production! In addition, hemp takes in carbon dioxide 4x as fast as trees do, which makes it especially valuable in the act of reducing CO2 emissions/greenhouse gases! 🌲🌲🌲 source 

#the scope of the anti-hemp conspiracy in the united states is terrifying once you start doing research tbh#like it was initially smeared/banned bc lumber lobbyists pushed for it to be…#and a major smear tactic was to associate it with black people#who now a hundred years later are the ones primarily being imprisoned for it#and the plant itself has now been inextricably linked to the drug so people won’t even allow for it to be grown for commercial purposes#like paper making (via literallyfuckeveryone)

Important reminder that industrial hemp can’t be used as a recreational drug, so if anyone tries to pull that card you can just stop them then and there. There are no real arguments against using industrial hemp, even if you’re rigidly against the legalization of any recreational drugs.

AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I never see pro-hemp on my dash, woo!

Usually the argument on why you can’t have hemp is because then people will hide marijuana in it.

yeah, sure…. if they want shitty, shitty marijuana.

It would be like growing sweet corn and dent corn together.  Yeah, they look similar at a distance and they’re closely related, but you don’t want them next to each other as they’ll cross pollinate and you’ll end up with bad versions of both.

Same deal here.  a patch of marijuana grown in an open field of hemp IS going to get contaminated and it’ll lower quality of BOTH crops.  Your hemp farmer doesn’t want that and if likely going rip out any patches trespassers try to add for same reason. 

and the big issue is not even the THC content.  Because most quality marijuana is intended to be grown indoors or greenhouses, its a dwarf variety. Short.  Fiber hemp is bred for height so as to maximize fiber production.  super tall. It’s going to be really obvious, really fast if you’ve got both in the same field even before you get to the point of pollination. what’s this runty bullshit doing in my field?

They also have different growing needs with regards to spacing, harvest time, etc. so the argument that you can hide marijuana in industrial hemp fields are basically bullshit.

anyway… aside from paper, hemp fiber can also be used to make earthquake resistant concrete that’s actually LIGHTER than conventional concrete while being stronger. It’s better at resisting flexing or warping, so ideal for stuff like bridges and highway supports as it’ll better resist large temperature swings and vibration. (”hempcrete” is slightly different, but makes great fire resistant insulation)

You can also use the waste after fiber harvest for animal fodder, including silage. Comparable to corn. and remember, that’s the waste after you’ve harvested for fiber!

Just to add, it can be used for paper, concrete, insulation, cloth and rope (both rough like sack cloth and smooth like cotton), bio degradable plastics (oddly same for banana trees I believe) and then of course for things like fishing lines and nets etc.

It’s a very versatile and useful plant that has been used for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years for material uses, and with modern advances is becoming even more useful thanks to chemical engineering and similar.

Biodegradable plastic folks. Why is that important? Because of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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Wonder Bar, 1934



i discovered that you can make chuck norris memes infinitely funnier by cropping out the bottom caption

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Here’s SWEETROCK, the 24 hour comic I drew this year!

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I just had a straight guy tell me “Gah I love lesbians” and before I could even say anything, he added, “because, ya know, they like the same thing I do and sometimes it’s nice to get advice from a girl instead of guys who think making love is just repeatedly putting your dick in something, ya know?” And I have never been more proud of the human race.

i was very mad and then i wasn’t 

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Ju-Hyun Park

“Love and fury can coexist” is one of the rawest fucking statements regarding human rights activism that I’ve ever heard

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Ju-Hyun Park

“Love and fury can coexist” is one of the rawest fucking statements regarding human rights activism that I’ve ever heard

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Rey: “I need someone to show me my place in all this.”

Kylo Ren:



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Best mythological gril?

October 09 2017


It’s funny because McDonald’s is attempting to reference how Rick talks without paying the creators of Rick anything while making both brands look bad while also highlighting how quickly online fandom can turn into angry mobs in real life. OK, maybe this isn’t funny at all. Maybe the whole situation is sick, and you’re right to feel a little sick when you read about it.

Because the fans don’t understand any level of what’s going on. If they understood Rick, they wouldn’t care about the sauce because no one in the show really cares about the sauce. It was never referenced in the show again. Dan Harmon himself explained to us that the line was put there just to rip on co-creator Justin Roiland’s love for the sauce. If they understood Morty, they would be kinder to the McDonald’s workers who didn’t ask for any of this.

And if they understood the point of the show so far — that living only for yourself is destructive and selfish no matter how smart you are — they would be ashamed at how they’re acting.

But these Rick and Morty fans don’t understand anything about this situation. Not the way commercialism stepped in to cash in on nihilism, nor the irony of how they’ve given something intense meaning and value after being told by a fictional character that it had meaning as a way of illustrating that nothing has meaning.

They’ve turned into Fight Club fans who start their own fight clubs, not understanding that the point of the movie is how easily white male anger is co-opted for violence and mindless support of empty and hateful causes.

And they’ve done this due to their love of a show they think makes them look smart or that they feel justifies their loneliness. Maybe they’re not alone because they’re so intelligent, maybe the problem is that they’re the kind of people who would get mad at a fast food place for not having enough sauce. The problems in their life most likely begin and end at that fact.

The Szechuan sauce fiasco proves Rick and Morty fans don’t understand Rick and Morty - Polygon
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I’m sorry random worker, I was so grumpy that day! I just couldn’t hold it in!

In the end they did try and I did hear them.

Gender Slices: is an autobio comic about my own thoughts an experiences with gender and identity. I am nonbinary and use they/them pronouns.

You can read pages two weeks a head of time on my Patreon for $1!

Jey Pawlik @ Patreon | Portfolio | Gender Slices | Dead City | Twitter | Etc.

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if you ever feel bad about your body remember that Wonder Woman has cellulite too

Whoever is writing this is doing God’s work

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ancient roman artist 1: hey can i ask a question
ancient roman artist 2: yeah go ahead
ancient roman artist 1: so i’m making this figurine of hermes with a giant dick
ancient roman artist 2: nice
ancient roman artist 1: but i feel like it’s missing something in the phallus department
ancient roman artist 2: that’s easy, just give him a hat with some dicks on it
ancient roman artist 1: oh. how many dicks should i put on it
ancient roman artist 2: there is no limit to the creative process






A reminder that it’s illegal in the USA to collect or sell the feathers of wild birds (and their eggs, bodies, and nests) even if you find them lying on the ground, unless you have a permit to do so. As in, actually illegal, not “outdated law everyone has forgotten about and is no longer enforced”. Eagle parts are extra illegal.

How about bones?? Not like bird specifically just animal bones in general. Also why is it illegal?? There so many birds ergo so many feathers no ones gonna miss em

The specifics depend on your state, the situation, and whether the species is a game animal, but usually, it’s illegal unless you are licensed (ex for educational purposes).

There really aren’t “so many birds”. The populations of many species are rapidly declining due to habitat loss and pollution. I’ve seen birds of prey autopsied and their insides are often coated in plastics. Pesticides and rodenticides wipe out truly horrifying numbers of larger birds - please only ever use mechanical traps for mice and rats, not poisons.

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 was passed four years after the last passenger pigeon died. It discourages the personal and commercial collection of bird parts for very good reason.

Oh, Ship! Tag me in on this one, I’m ready!

So, the history of Wildlife law in the United States goes way back, actually, to the history of wildlife law in Great Britain.

See, in Ye Olden Days, the King was in charge of deciding who was and wasn’t legally allowed to hunt. This was a Big Deal, because many people needed to hunt to feed and clothe themselves and their families. If the King said “you can’t hunt anywhere near where you live because those are My Deer,” you were, well, fucked.

Eventually, this power of wildlife ownership was technically redelegated to parliment, but hunting often remained super inaccessible to anyone but the wealthy, privileged few.

So when people started coming here from there, it was a total free-for-all. You could hunt anywhere, anything! There were things to shoot in the US that had been extinct in the British aisles for centuries, even!

So not only were people hunting for food, clothing, to drive out unwanted animals (see: wolves), but also for the hell of it because they were allowed!

For a while though, hunting was still very much an “I need to eat” business. Can’t fault ‘em for eating, ya know?

But once Europeans became really established here, with cities and leisure time and fashion, things got way out of hand.

There were pretty much No laws dictating how many animals a person could take, or when and from where they could take them.

What’s more is, suddenly, it wasn’t just for food, it was for MASS PRODUCTION! You know what women REALLY wanted? Hats With Feathers. Lots Of Feathers.

People were already killing Many Birds, but not Enough. “We need to kill WAY MORE BIRDS and FASTER,” they said. So they made These Big Guns.


They were made for mounting on boats, and who gave a damn about ammo? ANYTHING that could presumably maim a duck was a go. They loaded them with pieces of tin, metal, shards of broken glass, ya know. The usual.

Then, at night, during Mating season, they’d go out onto the water, shine a light so that all the ducks raised their heads to investigate, fire the gun, and instantly decapitate hundreds of ducks a shot. It was wild.

So this was happening


And the REASON this was happening was there was a demand for these ducks, feathers, mainly. Meat second.

The demand is what’s imperative here. It didn’t matter if you had the means to kill 100 or 1000 birds in a night. If you shot ‘em, someone would pay for ‘em.

You can see where this started going wrong, however. Eventually, there were like, uh, no birds left to shoot.

So now everyone’s starting to say, “well, what the hell…it seems that shooting All Of The Birds At Once has somehow wiped them out. Maybe we should do something about this.”

NOW, that was NOT a popular move. People were really loving the whole “I can kill anything any time I want” thing going on. They argued that limiting their take would violate their rights and freedoms (never mind the hypocrisy of claiming any rights to the wildlife of this land that had been taken from the indigenous peoples they’d killed and driven out).

But responsible hunters knew that wildlife and hunting laws were imperative to the continued existence of wildlife.

This wasn’t a new concept, mind you. Responsible Wildlife laws are even in the damn Old Testament:

“If you come across a bird’s nest in any tree or on the ground, with young ones or eggs and the mother sitting on the young or on the eggs, you shall not take the mother with the young.” Deuteronomy 22:6

Makes sense, right? Eat the eggs but make sure the mother remains to lay more. 

And more than a century before, John Quincey Adams is quoted in reference to the issue:

“I went with my gun down upon the marshes, but had no sport. Game laws are said to be directly opposed to the liberties of the subject; I am well persuaded that they may be carried to far, and that they really are in most parts of Europe. But it is equally certain that where there are none, there is never any game; so that the difference between the country where laws of this kind exist and …where they are unknown must be that in the former very few individuals will enjoy the privilege of hunting and eating venison, and in the latter this privilege will be enjoyed by nobody.”

ANYWAY. Point was, people were realizing that if things didn’t change fast, there’d be nothing left to hunt, to eat, or to use for Fancy Hats.

So we got the Lacey Act of 1900, the first federal wildlife law.

“I have always been a lover of birds, and I always been a hunter as well, for today there is no friend that the birds have like a sportsman-the man who enjoys legitimate sport. He protects them out of season; he kills them with moderation in season.”  John Lacey.

It limited market-hunting and commercial wildlife trafficking. People with Super Duck Guns were especially unhappy about this. However, if ducks understood federal laws, they would’ve been thrilled.

The problem was, there was still a HUGE demand for feathers, for meat, and absurdly, for specimen for people’s private collections. “I don’t CARE if that’s the last known living Auk. I want it.”

So they had it.

What we needed to do was to destroy the demand for bird products. And to destroy the demand, we had to stop products from being made. If no one is walking down the street wearing a Fancy Bird Hat, no one else is going to say “oh! I want one too,” and no one is going to pay a Fancy Hat Maker to pay a Big Duck Gun owner to shoot 1,000 birds.

So we got the Migratory Bird Treat of 1918, which made it almost totally across the board illegal to own Any bird parts (excluding legal game birds, but laws about when and how many you could hunt were forming to protect them).

 There is a misnomer that taking something off the legal market will increase demand because people love what they can’t have. That’s proven untrue in this case. Very few people are actually willing to break Actual Federal Law in order to own a hat they can’t wear in public. The issue was larger society and for the most part law-abiding citizens who wore this stuff while it was legal but moved on once it wasn’t.

The reason it still exists is to keep the demand for bird parts non-existent, and it’s WHY you can’t legally collect feathers even when they fall off a bird naturally.

Because hey, YOU may live in an area with a healthy golden eagle population. Or a Blue Jay population. Or Red headed woodpeckers. YOU find their feathers all the time! They just fall off, no harm done.

So you pick them up, make them into cool jewelry and art, and post them on your etsy and pinterest.

They’re super popular! People love them!

Now I want in on that business!

But there aren’t many golden eagles, blue jays, or woodpeckers around me, so I don’t find their feathers often. But you know what’s way easier than looking for one, fallen feather? Shooting a bird and getting a lot at once.

And thus an innocent market has once again created an unsustainable demand that will threaten bird populations.

And that’s why it’s just flat out against Federal US law to own, collect, or sell almost any wild bird parts!

And MAKE NO MISTAKE! This law is Very Enforced. Wildlife officers Do pay attention to people talking about collected bird parts, and they Will throw the book at you. The fines are wild. Don’t risk it.










Not very many people on tumblr have been posting about the protests and police violence in St. Louis right now. This surprises me.

It’s like I said, it’s not interesting enough for tumblr anymore. When the black lives matter protests were first happening, it was a huge thing on tumblr. Now tumblr’s bored of it and you don’t even hear about it anymore.

I suppose that’s true. It’s just troubling because literally hundreds of people have been arrested. They literally strangled an old black woman at the galleria. Yesterday protestors shut down hwy 40 (which is the main central highway through the city). And they arrested those documenting and advocating first. Please tell me it’s not totally fucking terrifying that their first priority is to make sure no one else can see what they are doing. The city is being sued for their treatment of protestors. 

I am pasting in some photos for those following the post. This has all been happening for the last two weeks. These are organized actions. 


This is literally the first I’ve seen about this.

I suppose for the sake of people who don’t know my beloved St. Louis, I should be clear and state that this is the same place where Ferguson is. Ferguson is suburb of St. Louis, but the way out county/city is laid out, Ferguson is really just a neighborhood in St. Louis, so this is a continuation of the Ferguson uprising that has been reinvigorated after Jason Stockley (white cop) was acquitted for the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith (black man). Stockley chose to pursue a bench trial, and the judge acquitted him citing the following racist bullshit….

Important line transcribed for those who can see the image: “Finally, the Court observes, based on its nearly thirty years on the bench, that an urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be an anomaly.”


I believe its because of the fact that Black tumblr is exhausted from reblogging the protests and riots.

In 2013/2014, Black Lives Matter was all over the place. No matter where you were on tumblr, you mustve seen it at least once. Black tumblr pushed that hashtag day and night, 24/7.

Then whenever people died in the hands of police officers, we would post most of the victims on tumblr and there names would trend on Facebook, Twitter, n Tumblr.

After, when the Judge rules the cop not guilty, Black tumblr pops off again, and the name of the victim and Black Lives Matter would trend all over again.

After years, I think Black tumblr have just been exhausted from reblogging police brutality and protests and cops getting away with murder because its honestly depressing and its the same thing over and over and over again.

I believe Black tumblr is aware of whats going on on St. Louis, but honestly, we’ve grown numb to it, and thats the saddest part of it all imo.

I didn’t even know this was happening now, and that’s probably because of the above reason. Folks who follow are also numbed by the events.

We protest. We riot. We scream about the same thing for so long. We get tired.

Other solutions have to be created.

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So i saw a post a few days ago about neurotypicals who say that stim/fidget toys make you *less* focused and how fucked that is and it got me thinking of an analogy.

So you know when you try on a friend’s glasses and you can’t see shit???? Their glasses make your vision worse, right? But you realize that it’s because YOU DON’T NEED THEM. You might mention or make a joke about how blurry things are for you, but you still understand and appreciate that the glasses help your friend see, even though they aren’t good for you personally.

So when you try your friend’s tangle or fidget cube and claim, as a blanket statement, that it makes you *less* focused and that your friend should stop using it for that reason?? You’re being just as much of an asshole as if you tried on your friend’s glasses and said “wow, you know these ACTUALLY make your vision WORSE, right???” because you’re assuming that your experience is the same as theirs when it’s really, really not.

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