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May 14 2017

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Damaged but adorable :-)
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*strums guitar* stop portraying trans men binding their chests with ace bandages *strum* it’s an extremely harmful method and portraying it may influence young trans men to do the same *strum* just portray them using binders or sports bras its not that fucking hard *smashes guitar on floor*

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What now?
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"Und wie macht ein Mensch?"
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Got some boudoir photos done for my bf, after years of struggling with it, I’ve come to realize I have SUCH a cute tummy 😚

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“Epic Couch Cake

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Vikto Lypkalo

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this is the single greatest meme i have seen from any of my facebook groups and frankly y’all need to step up your game

Also the sun.
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Europe right now 😁

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“Gay Cartoon”

Reblog if u cry evertim.

But seriously, all this gay in cartoons? It really makes me so happy and I can’t help but tear up. Even to Korra when they JUST held hands, I cried. Representation matters!

Gender Slices | Portfolio | Art Blog | Instagram

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“M or F?”

Can I use a life line?

©J Pawlik @ Gender Slices | Portfolio | Dead City | Twitter | Instagram

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I’m really good at coming out, okay?

©J Pawlik @ Gender Slices | Portfolio | Dead City | Twitter | Instagram


Meet the Sex Workers Replacing Cops in Sandinista-Run Nicaragua


In most countries around the world, sex workers are criminalized by police officers. In Sandinista-run Nicaragua, sex workers are replacing police officers.

Last January, French filmmaker Florence Jaugey released a documentary about the Sunflowers of Nicaragua, a woman-led sex worker collective serving as community mediators for the socialist government. Today, the documentary is receiving praise across Latin America, one of the most dangerous regions in the world for sex workers.

“We wanted to show the world that we are not the image they have of us,” Sunflowers of Nicaragua member Maria Elena Davila told El Nuevo Diario.

“We are capable women, we defend our rights, and we are also contributing to justice in our country. This documentary tells our story.”

In 2009, members of the Sunflowers of Nicaragua began organizing against discrimination and violence within their communities. They did this with the intention of gaining the trust of their communities in order to win mass support for their primary demand: the judicial integration and unionization of sex workers across the country. Their strategy worked.

In 2015, Nicaragua’s Supreme Court of Justice asked members of the collective if they wanted to work as judicial facilitators in Managua, Economy reports. Now, the sex workers are accredited and have licenses signed by the Supreme Court of Justice to mediate small conflicts in their communities, which include problems between relatives and neighbors.

The program is intended to “reduce the weight on the police and the judicial system” while integrating sex workers into Nicaragua’s judicial system, Jaugey told Economy in a recent interview.

“It’s a unique case in the world that the justice authorities have given this responsibility to these women,” Jaugey said.

“But also the success of this film is not just due to Nicaragua and the state of the law here, it’s also due to the goodwill of these women.”

The Sunflowers of Nicaragua has also been accepted by the socialist government’s Confederation of Self-Employed Workers, granting them legal union status. The collective, which aims to organize Nicaragua’s estimated 14,000 sex workers, has recruited 2,300 thus far.

Last February, Nicaragua’s Ministry of Labor ruled in favor of a sex worker who was fired from a nightclub for being pregnant, setting a precedent for the country’s sex worker labor laws.

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… he claimed to be genuinely surprised when, in March 1956, he received a letter from one Sam Gamgee, who had heard that his name was in The Lord of the Rings but had not read the book. Tolkien replied on March 18:

Dear Mr. Gamgee,

It was very kind of you to write. You can imagine my astonishment when I saw your signature! I can only say, for your comfort, I hope, that the ‘Sam Gamgee’ of my story is a most heroic character, now widely beloved by many readers, even though his origins are rustic. So that perhaps you will not be displeased at the coincidence of the name of this imaginary character of supposedly many centuries ago being the same as yours.

― The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien: Letter 184

He proceeded to send Mr Gamgee a signed copy of all three volumes of the book. However, the incident sparked a nagging worry in Tolkien’s mind, as he recorded in his journal:

For some time I lived in fear of receiving a letter signed ’S. Gollum’. That would have been more difficult to deal with.“― J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography

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