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I don’t know about you but I’m so sick of that omnipresent association of sports/fitness with weight loss as the ultimate goal.

(PS: I’m not sure how efficient punching people is for building muscle mass but I’m afraid she’s had a lot of opportunities so I guess four pounds is probably realistic?)

I wish… I WISH I could somehow reblog this HARDER and with MORE LOVE.  Sorry to put more non-art stuff in my main tumblr here, but goddamn I feel this so hard.  I’ve been hitting the gym with the goal of making a good habit, so that when winter comes around and the inevitable S.A.D. creeps back into my life, I’m more likely to get some exercise as a coping mechanism just out of habit.  I’m also weightlifting because I want to get strong (like ox, you might say). 

I do not care if I lose weight, I’m not keeping track of my pounds, and if I stay chubby but get stronger I will be just as fucking happy.  So glad I found this comic, and so glad I found your art Ephi!  New watcher ahoy!  <3

This is a Good Comic. 

Do it because it feels good!

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