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if you’re a baby gay and this is your first pride, watch your drinks! men are trash across all sexualities

Can i hijack for more first pride tips?

- if someone is doing something that’d make you uncomfortable in a straight scene, let it make you uncomfortable in a gay scene. You dont have to suddenly love kissing strangers or shots in the name of community

- bring water bottles or cash to buy them bc youll be dying during parades but not want to go far

- buddy system works best if your buddy charges their phone

- sunscreen. Regardless of skin tone. Glitter intensifies the sun. (I know. Glitter burns are real.)

- seriously!! I reiterate! If youre not comfy with certain sexual or alcohol or drug related stuff, know your limits firmly before heading out. The sense of community is magic but also kinda peer pressure-y

Most prides have family safe areas or days or events - check them out if thats more your speed!

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