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May 23 2017

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Perhaps you need a constructed language, but don’t want to build one from scratch. Vulgãr is a complete language generator.

While the conlang community produces a lot of software tools to make the process easier, most are built around the idea that the user wants the participate heavily in the process. Vulgãr is aimed more for the people who want a constructed language without doing the heavy lifting themselves. So it features things like creating derived words and introducing semantic overlaps based on real-world language data.

It’s a very slick product, starting from basic phonemes and building words and grammars. I especially like the way it develops homonyms and overlapping senses. Real-world languages have a lot of relations between words that present in some languages but absent in others. The specific idioms of a language give it a flavor that’s hard to reproduce. By using the real-world data as a source, the generator can create new words that encompass meanings that make sense in context.

Consider extending that to other kinds of generators. Introducing asymmetry is a powerful design pattern. Breaking up the regularity of an orderly system with an unexpected shortcut can make the whole system more interesting. There’s precedence for this in art: Perec introduced deliberate flaws in the organization of one of his novels, for example. This becomes even more noticeable in something interactive, like a language or a game.


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May 22 2017





draw women in post-apocalyptic world settings with armpit hair, leg hair, bushy brows and pubic hair ya cowards,, draw brown women/women with dark thick hair with arm hair and happy trails and sideburns and mustaches i’m sick of seeing silky smooth soapy clean make up wearing post apocalyptic dolled up women next to stinky sweaty crusty men with dirty nails and sweaty clothes and sweaty greasy hair and 3m long ugly beards

or, if you must depict women maintaining that shit, at least be interesting about it. I can actually buy someone shaving/putting on makeup if that’s their way of coping, something they do to tether themselves to the past or an ellusive feeling of normalcy. So show me the EFFORT put in, yeah? Show that woman risking a zombie horde because she spotted a fucking tube of scarlet lipstick and christ she hasn’t seen that color in five years but it’s what she wore on her first date with her now-dead husband. Show me the girl who is quietly starting to fucking lose it but covers it up with fanatical commitment to her appearance because if she gets these eyebrows right, maybe no one will notice how she stares at things that aren’t there.

I find it completely plausible that some women would go to incredible lengths to maintaining their appearance, because they’ve been socialized all their lives to caring about it, because it’s a part of their identity. So show me how that part gets negotiated with once the world has gone to hell.

Catch me in your local bunker doing a smoky eye with the ashes of my former life.

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Package management is awful, you should quit right now

Package management is a nasty domain. Really nasty. On the surface, it seems like a purely technical problem, amenable to purely technical solutions. And so, quite reasonably, people approach it that way. Over time, these folks move inexorably towards the conclusion that:

  1. software is terrible
  2. people are terrible
  3. there are too many different scenarios
  4. nothing will really work for sure
  5. it’s provable that nothing will really work for sure
  6. our lives are meaningless perturbations in a swirling vortex of chaos and entropy
So you want to write a package manager – sam boyer – Medium
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You only gave us rights because we gave you riots.

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i wish ppl on here werent so anti-recovery. ur therapist teaching u coping methods isnt ‘neurotypical bs’. listen to ur therapist. take a break from social media if u have to. stay out of drama if it stresses u out. block ppl who hurt you or even ppl who piss you off.take time to chill but also make sure u do whatever work u can. talk to friends if ur able. find smbdy you can trust. but still treat them kindly and give them space if they need it. 

like yea sometimes ur stuck with a mental illness, but tha doesnt mean you cant work towards even a small bit of recovery in a healthy way

I get your point, but

I think my personal problem here isnt isn’t that I’m anti-recovery. I’m working very hard strengthening my ressources and skills in coping with bp, ptsd and ed. But after having some experiences with therapists  - there are huge differences between how they can approach the same tips to you.

For example there are pdocs out there thinking in very narrow narratives. They know the 3 top coping skills that ALL ppl with that specific MI will eventually find helpful and you HAVE TO respond to those.

And then there are pdocs that acknowledge that MIs come on a spektrum, that they and the people that have them are complex. That there isn’t this one way to recovery (if there even is one, all my stuff is “yeah you have to deal with this until you die but we try to make it as cool as we can get it) but that everybody has to find their own tools.

Yes, there are things that have been proven to be effektive to the majority, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean they are helpful to you specifically.

Therapy worked best for me when we looked into the things I already knew to work for me. Trying out new stuff but beeing able to say "I tried this for a week but it felt so shitty” and my pdoc says “okay, than we have a catalog of at least 20 other thinks we could try”.

Docs insisting that you to stay out of social media while you are having panik attacks because of it but refuse to find another tool IS neurotypical BS. And I think we all encountered to much of them to not be frustrated.

Therapists don’t know what will work for you, but they can narrow it down to a managable list and are there to play the “try and error” game on the list with you. They can suggest things you never thought of.

Encouraging your patients to try new things but also encouraging them to listen to themself is a huge part of therapy. And sometimes you discover later on, that skills you first dismissed actually works - just at another stage of your recovery.

But some therapists are dismissing what people find harmful or helpful for themself, setting unreasonable high expectations (“just go for a walk an hour a day” instead of “let’s start with one round around the house and we work from there on”) or trying to force you to work on problems that you don’t want to go into right now (or in other words: don’t let you set your own boundaries for the sessions or dismissing them).

And the last part brings me back to the beginning: Everybody should be able to set their own boundaries on how/what/when to recover. If you start therapy, most times you are willing to do some work or at least want the status quo to be changed. And in this moment, it’s so cruicidal to meet a GOOD therapist.

Most people I know that have the access to therapy, but doesn’t want to try again, are frustrated and disillusioned because of those shitty therapists.

And the irony is: tumblr helped me talking about all this because I learned that I don’t have to be ashamed of my MI.

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K so I’m not done.

This is the year 2017 and I’m still having to yell about how ridiculous Maya extinction myths are and tell people we are ‘Maya’ not ‘Mayan’. I’m not saying shame shame if anyone reads this and didn’t know. I’m so angry concerning how slowly these issues are being picked up by educational institutions, at how often I have to bring these things up to higher education professors.

We are a massive massive group of peoples. One of the largest Indigenous groups in the Americas. Wikipedia cites 7 million or so of us total but honestly that’s way off because that’s about how many Maya folks there are in Guatemala alone.

We’re not dead. The Maya did not ‘mysteriously disappear’. We did not ‘fall’. We did not fade into obscurity. We’ve led revolts and rebellions against colonial powers for hundreds of years. We’ve had a big hand in shaping legislative definitions and protections for Indigenous Peoples in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

We haven’t lost our cultures. We’re constantly threatened and experience a lot of violence and have our resources stolen but we are still very much alive and our cultures have persisted.

And don’t even try me with the whole “Oh well we mean your CIVILIZATION disappeared, not you.” The structure of our societies and layout of our network changed and decentralized in many areas. That didn’t make us turn invisible. That didn’t make us not still be large in numbers with a relationship with our lands and lose influence in the areas we live. We still held power in large cities way after what people like to cite as “the fall of the Maya Civilization” (around 600-900 A.D. when we still had cities that we held power of until nearly 1700 when the last was “conquered” by Spain.)

Which brings me to the next issue. Being “conquered” or having a colonial government installed does not erase Indigenous societies or civilizations. That’s an extremely eurocentric way of thinking. We didn’t suddenly turn into Spaniards. We still had massive amounts of towns and villages with leaders. We still had our cultures, our trade, our networks, our influence, while Spain focused on putting up flags in our cities.

So yeah. All your history books have you all convinced that an extremely large group of people, with a greater population than more than half of the countries in Europe, all died out 1100 years ago.

Now try to imagine what kind of shit Indigenous Peoples with much less numbers and much lower access to resources go through.

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“Countless others have come before you, seeking weapons or weaknesses or battle strategies!”

this is one of the truly brilliant things about this show. while most kids’ shows will have good vs evil conflict, atla has a war. a real war, between people, with all the moral greyness and points of view made clear. the fire nation isn’t evil: it’s a repressed country under the strict control of its ruler. we’re shown how history is altered and propaganda is taught as fact, so the people grow up moulded to hate all other nations.

and then we get lines like this, which make us stop and think wait, is what the other nations are doing really right? after all, Ba Sing Se was supposed to be a haven, but turned out to be repressive and full of lies.

in this case we know that Aang is justified, and we trust him to do what’s right because he has such high moral standards. then we get to the finale and all that is challenged again.

it’s just a brilliant show guise.

this show’s fucking flawless, okay? i just have so much love for atla 

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6981-1: Aerial Intruder, 1991
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6897-1: Rebel Hunter, 1992
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6982-1: Explorien Starship, 1996
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6886-1: Galactic Peace Keeper, 1989 
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